Aspiring Disney Princess sings For the First Time In Forever

A great cover of these two young ladies of For the First Time in Forever which is an original soundtrack of the hit animation Frozen. A lot of covers are being made of the song but these two young Pinays have taken the song to another level. They sing it close to perfection, sounding like the original piece.

The lass singing the intro is Faith P. Surla. She has taken us to a lot by surprise when she sings her own rendition of the song. The charming lass is a young Pinay student. . She is a fourth year high school student attending at Holy Angel University. She is currently residing at Pampanga. The talented girl is a certified Kapampangan. The wonder kid is found to be dominating the entire social media sites. Her own kind of style has brought the attention of the people. Netizens are saying she could be the next Disney Princess following the steps like our own Lea Salonga.

She is receiving tons of comments about how great her singing is and what an amazing cover she has with Aina Magbantay.

Aina Magbantay is the other young lady who has done the job well too! Hitting the low notes, she manages to make the duet. She sings the low notes and hones the song. She adds the harmonic blending of voices of the two. It sounds perfection.

You can see how they are having their own moment and just enjoying the song all throughout the video. Both of them complimented each other so well that makes it a certified smasher. The young ladies have also shared their videos online singing their own covers of different songs. Viewers have taken aback at how both of them sing well together on their videos. They are garnering positive responses and being well-like by the people.

Watch the video aspiring video below





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