Actual Scene Paris Attack Cambodian Restaurant

Actual Scene Paris Attack Cambodian Restaurant.

Actual footage of the Paris attack Cambodian restaurant. Panoorin ang actual na video nag pag atake sa Paris sa isang restaurant. Mahigit isang daan ang namatay sa ibat ibang pag atake sa Paris na ngayon ay State of Emergency.

Two people are said to have been killed at a restaurant in Paris after an apparent gunman went on rampage.

Seven more diners are believed to be wounded. After Kalashnikov-wielding gunman stormed Le Petit Cambodge restaurant close to Rue Bichat in the 10th arrondissement.

Shouting and screaming could reportedly be heard as shots rang out inside the Cambodian restaurant.┬áSome reported being ‘shut inside’.

An eye witness reported seeing bodies strewn across the road near the restaurant.

It is being reported that the military made attempts to evacuate people inside the restaurant. But the situation has advanced and they have instead been pushed to the back of the restaurant.



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